What Are Your Superpowers?

This morning I forgot my superpowers.

Maybe it's happened to you.  You wake up in a bad mood, or have an early meeting that doesn't go well.  And you're off your game.

I wasn't having a great day when my husband started looking for his ball cap that says "Veteran" on it.  I was pretty sure it was in our front closet, but he couldn't find it there.

Tom's approach is a bit different from mine - he pulled out several ball caps the same color as his "Veteran" cap.  None of them were the right cap.  Frustrated, he threw up his hands.

So I tried my method.  I systematically removed every hat from the closet until I found the hat he wanted.  And a funny thing happened.  My attitude changed.  I suddenly realized I had used several of my superpowers to find his hat:
  • Persistence
  • Analytical problem-solving
  • Keen observation

I'm so thankful that I have superpowers. That I know what they are. And I know how to apply them!

Too often, in self-reflective moments, I focus on my weaknesses. This is like Superman bemoaning his Kryptonite vulnerability and forgetting his flying ability!

To help me remember my strengths, I created a cartoon of my superhero alter-ego.   My staff of persistence keeps me grounded as I move step-by-step toward my goal.  My decoder ring helps me unlock and solve complex problems.  And my bright green goggles enable me to observe what others miss.

My ears have wings because listening is my most important superpower.  And I've got stars because, well, I like stars!  Plus, when I coach leaders, we surface and hone their star qualities.

Are you a leader?  The best way for you to develop as a leader is to leverage your strengths.  Not to shore up your weaknesses.  Most of the stuff you're not good at can be delegated or outsourced.

OK, ok.  There are some exceptions.  If you curse your staff or consistently show up late to meetings, yes, you need to improve.  But aside from curing fatal flaws, please don't spend a lot of time overcoming minor shortcomings.  Be bold in applying your strengths!

If you're great at strategy, strategize.  If you're great at motivating others, motivate.  If you're great at selling, sell.  Use your superpowers.  And surround yourself with people whose superpowers complement yours.

Want your own superhero cartoon?  Check out the tools at  I'd love to see what you create!

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